Natural Nutrition for Healthy, Happy Pets
The Story behind Natural Life Pet Products

Our Story

At Natural Life we are parents, grandparents, pet parents. As a third generation family business located in the heart of Kansas, the health and happiness of our families is the most important part of our business. For over 25 years and 5 generations of pets, Natural Life Pet Products has been dedicated to creating wholesome, nutritious and flavorful food using all natural ingredients at an affordable price.

Today's Natural Pet Products Family.The Founding Natural Pet Products Family.

Dear Pet Owner,

As a leading maker of Lamaderm, the most recommended food for pets with allergies and food sensitivities, we have been making and perfecting specialty formulas for all of our pets long before it became a "fad" of designer dog food companies.

We believe that the old adage of "You are what you eat" holds true for our pets. We also believe that pet parents shouldn't have to sacrifice the quality or safety of ingredients to afford the type of natural nutrition that our pets were meant to eat. Natural Life has been using the highest quality natural ingredients made in the USA with real proteins, vegetables, fruits, Midwest harvested grains and zero additives, chemicals or fillers since our grandfather started making dog food.

Our mission is to provide natural nutrition for healthy, happy pets.

We love to hear from our Natural Life families. Post photos of your happy, healthy pet on our Facebook page.

— The Terlip Family