Natural Nutrition for Healthy, Happy Pets


Health and wellness is important for any pet to lead a happy healthy life. It's not all 'about us'! It's about earning and keeping the trust of our customers whether pet parent, breeder or veterinarian for over twenty years. Our customers are very knowledgeable about the ingredients that are important for the health and vitality of their pet companions and are confident every bag of Natural Life Nutritional Pet Products contains the very best.


Exercise isn't just a nicety; it's a necessity for maintaining optimal physical and mental wellbeing. As with people, obesity is becoming a major health problem in today's dogs. Between 20 to 40 percent of all dogs seen by veterinarians in the United States are considered overweight, with many clinically obese. Obesity prevents dogs from enjoying many physical activities. Obesity decreases speed and stamina, and makes it more difficult for your dog to deal with heat. It's also associated with several medical problems, such as arthritic changes in overly burdened joints, increased risk of torn ligaments, back problems, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes mellitus, difficulty breathing, impaired liver function, increased surgical risks, skin problems, constipation, flatulence, anal sac impaction, whelping problems, and possibly even increased risk of some cancers. So get off of the couch and out the door with your pet, it will help both you and your pet stay healthy!

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Flea and Ticks

Protect your pets! A happy pet is a healthy pet. We encourage pet owners to treat their animals for fleas and ticks on a regular basis. Fleas and ticks can be pests not only to your pets, but to your home and family as well. Treating your pets with preventive medication can help reduce the chance of infestation in your home.Ask your vet to check your pet for any signs of flea and tick infestation, they will recommend products that will help keep your pet happy and healthy and your home pest free!

- Keep your home pest free
- Keep your yard pest free
- Keep your pet pest free

Your dog's or cat's bedding should be vacuumed daily and washed frequently. Before running out to buy every chemical available remember three easy steps: Keep your home pest free, Keep your pet pest free and Keep your yard pest free.