Natural Nutrition for Healthy, Happy Pets
Natural Health

Natural Health

It is important for our pets to be healthy not only on the outside but the inside as well. Feeding your pets a wholesome, natural diet helps with both.

Our products are made of the natural ingredients that help to build strong healthy happy pets. There has been a strong movement toward natural foods within our home; we want to feed the best to our families as well as our pets. Natural Life products provide your pets with the essential balanced nutrition needed to maintain a healthy pet lifestyle. Choosing the best food for your pet includes taking into consideration the pets dietary needs as well as food allergies. Natural Life helps you have peace of mind that you are feeding your pet the best!

Feeding Healthy

As a pet owner you want to provide the very best for your pet and Natural Life products are exactly what the doctor ordered. Veterinarians are in agreement that natural pet food is a top choice for several reasons. All natural, organic dog food is free of pesticides, animal byproducts, excessive amounts of fat and sugar, and chemicals that speed the aging process and cause canine diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases resulting from obesity. By feeding your dog chemical free, all natural dog food, you can reduce the likelihood of irritability, fatigue, restlessness, nervousness or over-excitability resulting from sugar, (too much) fat and synthetic ingredients.

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As a passionate pet owner it is very important to prolong and improve our pet's lives. Regular visits to your veterinarian will help maintain a healthy happy pet with routine vaccinations, wellness exams, and regular teeth cleaning. Ensuring that your pet will have a long and healthy life means annual checkups followed by six-month visits to your veterinarian. The best care for animals is good ongoing nutrition and problem prevention.

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What is in a label

It is important to look at the ingredients of your pet's food. When reading a label the most important step is to look for a protein source as the first ingredient. The first ingredient by weight is the most important because there is more of that ingredient than any other. All dog foods and cat foods must list the ingredients of their food in order of weight.

1.) Watch for the word "with", by AAFCO guidelines this means that the diet only has to have 3% of the ingredient that follows the word "with" in the formula.

2.) Do you know that protein meals have up to 300% more value per lbs. that the actual meat protein in whole form. The water is removed!

3). When looking at a label pay close attention to words such as by-products or fillers, which could be an inferior ingredient.

Grain free recipes contain more meat based protein as well as easy-to-digest animal fats, usually fewer carbohydrates, they're considered hypoallergenic and they attempt to mimic a dog's natural ancestral diet.

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Grain Free

Gluten comes from grains, so "grain-free" dog foods are also "gluten-free." Gluten allergy is one of the more common reasons for chronic illness and degenerative disease in dogs. So why is gluten-free dog food so important? Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals which need little to no carbohydrates in their food; the nautral diet of dogs includes bones, raw meat, greens and fruit. This is often accompanied by little if no grains in their diet. Natural Life's grain-free pet food allows you to offer your pets more of a natural holistic diet.

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Improved Digestion

Better Absorption=Better Nutrition.

A good indicator of how efficiently your pet's body is using food is the amount of stool produced. Fewer stools mean more absorption and better nutrition, besides the obvious benefit of having less waste to clean up. Digestibility is a measure of the efficiency of digestion an absorption of various nutrients present in a pet's food. Natural Life products provide quality wholesome proteins that are easily digestible for your pets. With our high digestibility rate, your pet's eat less and product less waste, saving you money and giving you're a peace of mind that your pet is absorbing the right nutrients to live a healthy, happy life.

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Compare your Bag

Compare your Pet Food with Natural Life Pet Products and you'll see that we have no competition when it comes to providing complete, natural nutrition for your pets.

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