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Food allergies and food intolerance are surprisingly common. In fact, food allergies are the third most common cause of allergic itching and scratching in cats and dogs. Yet, the diagnosis of food allergies is a slow and painstaking process of first eliminating and then slowly reintroducing ingredients one at a time. Natural Life has designed a line of nutritional and delicious food for all pets including those who suffer from food allergies.

Common Symptoms

Symptoms of a food allergy vary widely and can be a major source of stress affecting the quality of life for both the pet and pet parent.

Common symptoms include:

- Itching and scratching
- Skin redness
- Skin irritation including pustules
- Breathing difficulties
- Chronic ear inflammation
- Digestive problems
- Vomiting
- Chronic gas
- Diarrhea

Common Allergens

Food allergies can appear in pets of all ages to food ingredients that they have consumed for many years. Many common ingredients in pet food can be the source of the allergy. To complicate matters further, most pets that suffer with food allergies are allergic to more than one thing.

Some common allergens include:

- Chicken
- Pork
- Beef and beef byproducts
- Fish and fish oils
- Milk and dairy products
- Potatoes
- Eggs
- Gluten
- Wheat, wheat gluten
- Rice
- Yeast and yeast containing foods, Brewers Yeast
- Corn and corn oil
- Soy
- Dietary additives
- Essential Fatty Acid Supplements and Vitamins
- Plastic Feeding Bowls and Utensils
- Environmental Toxins

Our Natural Solutions

Natural Life Pet Products has created a complete line of food for pets with allergies and food intolerance. These extraordinary formulations produce dynamic results for food sensitive symptoms.

All of our allergy products are designed free of common culprits like wheat, corn, dairy, yeast, soy, and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. These natural formulas were developed for all life stages, activity levels and special dietary needs. And because we have been perfecting these formulas for more than 20 years, you can feel confident feeding your pet the best natural nutrition to be healthy and happy for life.

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